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Welcome to Classics


Classical Studies gives you the opportunity to experience the cultures of Ancient Greece and Rome. Our modern Western civilization owes much to these people and we see their influence still in the fields of Medicine, Law, Town planning and construction and many others Even our language is largely based on Latin, the language of the Romans and Ancient Greek. If you like myths and legends, stories about heroes and beautiful ladies and the occasional gruesome or blood chilling tale on the side then Classics is for you.

We study the history, the literature and the social life of the Greeks and Romans - and boy, did they ever have a social life! And while we are enthralled by these most interesting of peoples, we are also learning how to become informationally literate - in other words we know how to find, process and present information, skills that are essential in the modern workplace. If you would like to see some more about Classics, check out "Pauline's "Classics Rocks My World" page on Facebook.