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senior drama

Communicate, Co-operate and Connect.

Drama is a way of exploring how we think, feel and communicate. It teaches us to understand ourselves and other people much better. We can use our imagination combined with a number of techniques, skills, resources and facts to experience what it feels like to be another person and to perceive the world through someone else's eyes. The study of drama is about learning life skills not just acting skills.

Senior students are able to study NCEA Drama at Levels 1: 2: 3 and scholarship drama. The programme gives scope for students to explore scripted text, devised theatre and the opportunity to perform an acting or technical role in a significant production. Drama students have two rehearsal and performance spaces. The "Pad" -(performing arts department) is our new rehearsal and study space. The Auditorium is frequently transformed into a 'real' theatre with stage lighting and a professional sound system.

For all budding theatre technicians, there is also KTVN, Kavanagh's in-house technical team who are responsible for the operation of all technical design and equipment.

As Alfred Hitchcock said " Drama is life with the dull bits cut out"