Welcome to Senior Mathematics


Mathematics is fascinating and important because it can be found in so many aspects of life. Mathematics is an essential component of a student’s education, enabling students to make sense of numbers and patterns, space and geometry, data and chance. Mathematics is unique in that it allows students to simplify a problem down to its bare essentials. It gives great clarity. And it is very satisfying to solve a maths problem. People have been puzzling over mathematics for thousands of years.

In Years 11 to 13, higher level thinking is developed in topics such as algebra and trigonometry and statistics, for use in mathematical career paths. Amazingly, a huge range of people need mathematics to pursue their path. Interested in any of the following? Then you’ll need maths!

Aeronautics, Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Primary Teacher, Business, Finance, Management, Psychology, Geology, Geography, Archeology, Medicine and Health Sciences (including Physiotherapy and Nursing), Armed Forces, and many more.

 For more information, do talk to the HOD Mr Kelly or any of the friendly maths department staff members.