RE General Links

These links have exceptionally good material. Much of their content is pinpointed in the other Year Level pages. (Let me know of any others I should add).

Faith Central (Site for NZ Teachers)
A wonderful site specifically for New Zealand RE teachers and students.

Bible Gateway
Search for any phrase or word in the Bible.
(NB. the NIV or RSV are best for Catholic study.)

Theology Library
Possibly the best Catholic link on the web (though that's only one humble opinion).

The Catholic Information Network
Another excellent site for all areas of Catholic life and interest.

EWTN -Global Catholic Network
Another big searchable site.

Catholic On-Line
The World's largest and most comprehensive Catholic Information Service.

An International News Agency providing coverage of events, documents and issues concering the Catholic Church..

Resources for Catholic Educatiors
A huge site designed for Catholic Education. Very easily navigated.

The London Tablet
Website of the international Catholic Weekly

The Diocese of Dunedin

Dunedin South Pastoral Area