Year 12 Links

These Links focus on Church History.

  1. pptThe Modern Age - powerpoint4.26 MB
  2. pptBrief Summary383 KB


Biblical Studies

pptBiblical Studies4.33 MB





Justice and Peace

Justice Assessment Summary 
Material used in class:

  1.   Caritas NZ Catholic Social Teaching Vids
  2. The Caritas Challenge
  3.   Caritas in Nepal (excellent vid on this page too)
  4.   pptCatholic Social Service (Otago) - Mr Ian Donelly's talk5.03 MB
  5.   pptJustice in the Bible6.42 MB
  6.   pptFamous Quotes7.96 MB
  7.   Caritas Australia Catholic Social Teaching info (Good but very Aussie!!)

Websites/Other resources:


Religions of the World

docSummary of the Task for World Religions22.5 KB

pptWorld Religions Powerpoint9.52 MB

year12Some extra Info:




Art and Architecture

This is a pdf copy of the key elements of the powerpoint used in class. (Includes an assessment task summary)

  1. pdfArt & Architecture Study Notes 5.53MB
  2. pdfArt & Architecture Study Notes5.53 MB


Morality and Moral Decision Making (12F)

These Links focus on aspects associated with ethics and the formation of conscience.

  1. pptKohlberg's Stages of Moral Development175.5 KB
  2. mp3Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development - Podcast12.47 MB or docshort summary39 KB
  3. mp3A 5 step decision making Model - Podcast2.33 MB
  4. pptA 5 Step Decision Making Mode - powerpoint344 KB
  5. docConscience - what is it, how does it develop?Justice and Peace (12B)43 KB