Year 13 Course Material

Finding Meaning in Today's World

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Link to the Kavanagh Powerpoint for this topic - (NB for copyright reasons songs are not included)

  1. docA breakdown of the Task - 201559 KB
  2. docResource booklet - 2015268 KB
  3. docStudent write-on booklet (with interview sheets) - 2015146 KB
  4. Youtube clips on Catholic teaching of Heaven and Hell, making decisions & purpose of life:



Jesus the Christ

docJesus the Christ (13D)32.5 KB
Link to the Summary Worksheet for this topicyear13.

Supporting Powerpoints or Documents:

  1. docAssessment Scaffold  187 KB
  2. Excellent info on the "I Am" statements
  3. pptThe "I Am" statements2.05 MB
  4. pptJesus The Christ 3.43 MB
  5. pptJesus in Early Art928.5 KB
  6. pptJesus in John's Gospel866.5 KB
  7. docSome examples of Church Teaching on Jesus248.5 KB
  8. pptJesus the Christ - Dr Lanner's powerpoint 3.72 MB
  9. docChrist as Liberator;24 KB docImages of Jesus;25 KB docPaul and Jesus;32.5 KB docPhilippians 224.5 KB
  10. pptWhat is Christianity?1.19 MB
  11. Also: FaithCentral (NZRE site)


Loss, Grief, Death & Dying

Loss, Death, Grief and Dying (12D)
These Links take you to sites which consider the experience of Death and associated Grief.


Sects & Cults

The links below may be useful for assessment research.
docBreakdown of Assessment - Info on Cults in New Zealand (& other religous groups)

Exclusive Bertheren