Welcome to Drama

Junior Drama

The Drama programme in Year 9 and 10 involves all students in active participation and in enjoyable experiences.

It aims to:

  • promote self expression
  • build self confidence
  • enhance creativity
  • encourage co-operation

It includes a wide range of experiences, such as:

  • dramatic play,
  • improvisation,
  • theatrical performance,
  • film and television drama

These experiences involve both the processes and presentation of drama.

The Drama programme develops students' artistic and creative skills.  It is a practical course, which enables both individuals and groups the opportunity to explore, shape and symbolically represent ideas and feelings.

Year 9 students choose this option for one semester (two terms) and Year 10 students have the course for a full year.  The highlight of the Year 10 programme is their major class production at the end of November.  This is an opportunity for the drama students to show off their skills to parents and friends.