Welcome to Junior ESOL

hands around the globe

Q: Why learn English as a Second Language?     A: Because English is everywhere!

At Kavanagh we teach English as a Second Language to students from all over the world.  You might be a student who came to NZ specifically to learn English, or maybe you are a local and your family speaks another language at home.  We teach our students to communicate actively and confidently in English, so that speaking, listening, writing and reading improve.

We offer NCEA Unit Standards at Levels 1 - 3 to all ESOL senior students.  We can also prepare students for TOIEC and IELTS international exams, to be used for entry to universities worldwide (in personalised programs as requested).

Because our classes are small, you will have the flexibility to learn about what you need the most.  At the same time, you will develop the valuable skills essential for both success in NZ mainstream subjects and in your life outside of school.