Welcome to Junior Music

Kavanaf=gh College

Music at Kavanagh is a respected and valued part of the curriculum.  All students study Music in Years 7 and 8, then choose it as an optional subject from Year 9.

Within the programme at Years 7 and 8, students are introduced to the elements of music and through these are taught how to perform, compose and how to listen to music.  Within the classroom students are taught theory (notation, signs and symbols) and aural (listening and analysing) and these skills are applied practically within the units of study.  Students are taught keyboard skills, introduced to guitar, drums and bass guitar and given the opportunity to play string and brass instruments.  Students who have come to Kavanagh with musical skills are encouraged to develop these with extension work and encouraged to bring their own instruments into the classroom to use.  In addition, singing is a big part of Music at Kavanagh College and is an integral part of the music lessons.

Kavanagh has an excellent Itinerant music teacher programme, where students are able to have free tuition on woodwind, brass or string instruments and the school has a number of instruments that can be hired. Our instrumental teachers are well respected teachers and performers within their fields and we are luck y to have them working within the school.

In Years 9 and 10 the music programme develops the initial skills developed in the previous years in performance and composition.  The compositional demands are increased and refined to the students' own strengths and students are encouraged to take part in national composition and performance competitions such as the Caritas 'Sing out for Justice' competition, the Chamber Music Competition, SmokeFree RockQuest, NZ Music Month 'Hook Line and Singalong' song writing competition.  These tasks are completed within class time.  When students reach Year 10 Music, some students with the practical skills are asked to focus on preparing for end of year performances in which they will gain Level 1 performance credits.

Kavanagh has excellent music resources and these are available to students of all year groups and ensembles are encouraged to get together at interval and lunch times.  The Music Department runs a wide array of extra-curricular music ensembles including the Junior Choir, A Cappella vocal ensemble, Show Band (for the production), Jazz Combo and school Orchestra.  In addition, musicians are invited to take part in the school assemblies for classwork that we are proud of and they are regularly requested to play for the School Masses which are joyful and special occasions.