CyberSafety Agreement

The agreement below is binding for all staff and students of Kavanagh College. Current BOT policy is not to require all individuals to physically sign the agreement, just as people are not required to sign copies of other school rules. Enrollment at Kavanagh, or acceptance of employment, requires individuals to follow appropriate paterns of behaviour. The agreement below outlines the key areas of responsibility.

Kavanagh College Cybersafety Agreement

I agree to use Digital Technology in the College to support and uphold the Gospel values of Respect, Service, Justice and Truth for self and others in the college community. I understand that the College will only accept the use of Digital Technology that allows everyone to achieve their personal best in an environment which is physically and emotionally safe.

I understand that the rules of the College apply to me in regard to the use of all Digital Technology, equipment and resources. This includes how I use email, the internet and any other application or app, as well as the use of language, images or anything else in the digital environment. This applies to school devices and my own devices.

I will only use my own username and password. I will not share my username and password. I will not try to get around the filtered content, such as using proxy sites to get past the filters.

I am aware that the College provides a safe environment. If I encounter anything that is inappropriate, or if I am unsure, I will inform a teacher or member of Senior Management.

I commit to behaving appropriately, in all aspects of the use of Digital technology and the information that is accessed through it. I will not inapropriately alter device settings or equipment.

I will not copy or share any digital files to which I am not entitled. I understand that the school monitors my use of the system and that I am responsible for any costs or fines if I am found making illegal copies or downloads.

For all BYOD devices, I am aware that this CyberSafety agreement applies to its use at home as well as at school. I am also responsible for its care and for ensuring that it is able to be used as required for effective teaching and learning. (Including things such as storing it securely in lockers, or keeping it close, ensuring batteries are charged, etc.)

I understand that failing to follow these guidelines may mean my being removed from the network and/or having the matter handed on to Senior Management, the Board of Trustees and/or the police.