Everything relevent to year 12 English will be put on this page. Please keep refering to this page as it will assist you in your self directed learning.  I look forward to working with you all this year.


Ms. McGarry

This course is a completely internally assessed and allows students to gain some credits towards university entrance literacy.  It sits beside the standard Level 2 English course in terms of difficulty. It is particularly aimed at International students.  The main focus is on gaining the credits from the writing portfolio, which count as the 5 credits required for university entrance literacy.

Basic language work with some exercises, for either internal or external close reading of language papers.
This unit follows the Mrs Ireland-Kenny's Level 1 Essay writing Unit. Before attempting to write Level 2 essays, you must first be able to write a CONVINCING Level 1 literary essay, because you need to show solid understanding of the issues and ideas raised in your texts. That means you should be able to write a Merit esssay at Level 1.

Make sure that you are familiar with ALL the skills in the Level 1 "Technical Stuff" folder, because you are expected to be more accurate at Level 2.