The techniques used for close reading are the same ones you will see in the texts you study this year, and, hopefully, they will also appear in your extended writing assessment(s). Close Reading sits alongside Wide Reading: you should be perusing a range of texts, from extended feature articles, to pre-twentieth and pre-twenty-first century fiction, magazine columns and reference books. In fact, the better read you are, the better your critical response to texts. Check out the Senior English general stuff unit on koodle for wide reading book lists.
This unit follows on from Mrs Ireland-Kenny's Level 1 and Level 2 Essay Writing Units. You need to check that you are competent in all of the basic skills before you progress to Level 3. The Level 1 unit shows you lots of technical skills. You must also be able to produce a Level 2 essay at Merit level; in other words, you need to be able to show CONVINCING ANALYSIS of your texts before you can start to do CRITICAL RESPONSE.