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B.Y.O.D. 2016

It's Official!! Kavanagh is BYOD for all students from 2016

NB. Year 7s are not required to have a device but are encouraged to do so. (To help with costs for 2016 cellphones which can connect to wifi will be acceptable as a 'device' at any year level - but please be aware that the size of the device is not ideal and will be very limiting in terms of functionality.)

For families that are concerned about the cost there is support available. Please, fill in the Financial Assistance Application Form and contact the Bursar if this is an issue for you.


BYOD Rationale:

Teaching and learning can be more effective when every student has a digital device of their own to:

  • Provide immediate access to the World Wide Web;
  • Enable immediate access to local on-line materials posted by teachers;
  • Encourage group learning, creativity and problem-solving supported by digital devices.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I buy for my child?

  • Whatever you choose will be fine. That's the BYOD world our families live in. (Remember, next year even a wifi smart-phone will be good enough - but only for 2016)
  • BUT... if that's too broad... we suggest (but don't require - it's your choice)...
    • Junior students have a Chromebook or an iPad (or equivalent tablet)
    • Seniors have a net-book or full laptop (but a chromebook will be OK.)
    • Students doing high-end digital work such as Art and Graphics would benefit from a higher end laptop - but the school will still provide labs and workstations for this so it is not necessary or expected.
    • Students going on to University in a couple of years could carry on a laptop to tertiary study - so buying earlier may make sense.

Do I need to buy Microsoft Office or other such software?

  • You may choose to purchse the full version of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc) however, Kavanagh has signed up for Office 365 on-line which is free to students. (NB. Google is Kavanagh's primary storage and office software source, but students may choose to use 365 if they wish.)


Some history of the Journey.

From 2011-2013 all staff were involved in school-wide ICT professional development. A significant amount of research has also been conducted over the past two years investigating BYOD.  There was a committment not to rush into things and we have taken our time to plan next steps.

An information letter was sent out with school reports at the end of Term 2, 2015. 

An information/consultation meeting was held on the evening of July 30th. During this meeting information was given around the journey thus far at Kavanagh College and representatives of Noel Leeming and Decision1 were introduced as our support partners to aid parents with purchasing a device. Noel Leeming have had a special on some devices for the Kavanagh Community, and are about to launch a new set of bundles, and Decision1 is offering advice on choosing devices. 

We are aware that there are many complex aspects of this development in teaching and learning at Kavanagh College. It was very encouraging to hear so much support from Parents at the consultation meeting and we wish to assure the community that we are conscious of challenges around charging of batteries, affordability and appropriate use. We will continue to seek advice in our planning and we greatly value your feedback and suggestions.

A survey of Parents, Caregivers and Students was sent out on the 31st of July to help make decisions around next steps in this exciting journey. A summary of responses was provided to the Kavanagh Community through the notices and here. There was a clear indication that BYOD was something that a significant majority of parents were wanting for their children. It also helped highlight areas of enthusiasm, concern and expectation. Thank you to all who replied.