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Year 7 & 8 Latest


Year 7 & 8 Sports Fitness Club

Fitness Club is running again in 2015. Please see Miss Jones or Miss Tsukigawa for details


 Fitness Club                         
Enviro Club
The Envirogroup is a group of students who are interested in caring for the environment.  They organise the paper recycling and composting within school time, and outside of school, work on the garden and other community activities such as beach clean-ups and planting days.  They meet after school in an even week for an 'activities afternoon', but the day varies so that other after school activities don't restrict people from being in the group.  Some of the community based activities are in the weekend, and the members just make it when they're available.  Anyone can join by seeing Ms Railton or just by turning up to an activities afternoon.  The group receives information about activities via their school email address.  
The Enviro Council is a senior group of environmentalists tackling larger issues in the school and community and designing the processes.  This group meets on an odd Wednesday 2-3 in the library and any year 11-13 student is welcome to come along at any stage.  
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Year 8 Sports Day 

At the end of term 2, the four Year 8 classes enjoyed a day at the Edgar Centre. We played basketball, futsal, table tennis and handball.

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2015 Year 8 Camp Information



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