At Kavanagh, JUSTICE is a product of SERVICE and is the action of, and desire for, fairness, reconciliation and peace.


1. Justice is constructive

  • It is more focussed on 'making things right' than on punishment or revenge

2. We act Justly to ourselves

  • Through thinking before we act
  • Through standing up for what is right
  • Through allowing ourselves to be forgiven

3. We live justly with each other

  • Through acting fairly, with compassion
  • Through striving for reconciliation

4. We create Justice in our World

  • Through doing and speaking what is right

5. We create Justice in our college

  • Through being people of peace

In the Gospel stories we hear often of Jesus' call for Justice: When he challenges those who treat others harshly; when he speaks of the need to bring about the 'kingdom of God'; when he forgives those who have done wrong; when he calls us brothers and sisters.

"What does God ask of us? To live justly, to love tenderly and to walk humbly with our God." (Micah)