At Kavanagh, RESPECT is the recognition, allowance and encouragement of our own, and others', uniqueness, gifts and talents.


1. Respect is not earned. It is given.

  • Every person deserves respect

2. We Respect ourselves

  • Through best effort & self control

3. We Respect each other

  • Through kindness & tolerance of difference
  • Through listening and trust
  • Through encouragement and support

4. We Respect our World

  • Through care of our planet
  • Through care of our school

5. We Respect the rules

  • If a rule is unfair we can work to change it

In the Gospel stories we hear often of Jesus' respect for others: When he recognises the abilities of those who were rejected by their community; When he trusts people who have made mistakes; When he speaks with people who have been outcast; When he treats all people as equal – all made in the image of God.