At Kavanagh, SERVICE leads on from RESPECT and is the action of helping make our community more caring, hospitable, peace-making and joyful


1. Service involves 'selfless' action

  •   It does not start with 'what is in it for me'

2. We Serve ourselves

  • Through reflection, best effort and self control
  • Through being the best person we can be

3. We Serve each other

  • Through responding to the needs of others
  • Through ensuring we don't hurt others

4. We Serve our World

  • Through making responsible, informed choices
  • Through responding to the needs of our world

5. We Serve our College

  • Through caring for it
  • Through supporting all members of the Kavanagh Community

In the Gospel stories we hear often of Jesus' service to others: When he washes the feet of his disciples; when he heals; when he listens, teaches and prays.

We are called to do to others, what we'd like them to do to us.