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The Caritas Challenge 2016

logo-caritaschallenge Friday, April 1-2, 2016


The Caritas Challenge

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand is an agency of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference that works towards making a real difference in the lives of people living with poverty or injustice. It is part of Caritas Internationalis, a network of 165 Catholic aid, development and social justice agencies working for the poor and oppressed in over 200 countries and territories. The Caritas Internationalis network is one of the largest humanitarian confederations in the world, working with people regardless of their religion, race, gender or ethnicity.

Caritas' purpose is to transform communities to enable lives of dignity and hope. They value compassion and empathy - aroha, human dignity - te mana i te tangata, equality - oritetanga, hope - tumanako, justice - tika.

The 2016 Caritas Challenge major focus is on Cambodia. Funds raise through the Caritas Challenge will go towards supporting the following Caritas projects to help improve the lives and livelihoods of people in Cambodia:


1. Community based agricultural cooperatives
2. Food Security – having access to enough affordable, nutritious food at all times
3. Climate Change Adaption – training to adapt farming techniques to a changing climate
4. Community Land Titling – legal recognition of indigenous people as owners of customary land and resources. 


The New Zealand Bishops have asked us to support this worthy cause so this year, for the third time, Kavanagh is going to take on the National Caritas Challenge. Every student and staff-member is asked to attempt one of the following challenges:

  • MOVE IT - Go the Distance
    Walk, run, swim, cycle or play a sport for 24 hours. Think about what travelling long distances to access basic necessities feels like.
  • SWEAT IT - Work Under Demanding Conditions
    Work in shifts over 24 hours, making items that help meet the needs of others. Experience physically demanding conditions that many young people endure daily.
  • LIVE IT - Live in a Temporary Shelter
    Build a temporary shelter from cardboard, newspaper and tarpaulins and sleep in it overnight. Experience what living without a home feels like.
  • STOP IT - Give up Something
    Give up something for 24 hours. Stop using electircity, technology, eating food or something else you take for granted. Experience hardship like the world's poor endure daily.

    And introducing.... A Kavanagh Initiative... For years 12 & 13 and Past Kavanagh Students only... Who have signed up)...
  • WATCH IT - Watch the complete Harry Potter series. Think about those people for whom poverty or illness means a very sedentary life.

Most activities will be done at home, with the help of parents and family friends. Part of the challenge is choosing a challenge! 

  Year's 12, 13 and Kavanagh Leavers (for the Watch It Challenge) can sign up here:
  (for the two events being held at Kavanagh)

   - Move It - 24 Hour Gym Challenge - Sign Up
   Watch It - 20 Hour Harry Potter Series - Sign Up

E-mail Mr MacLeod with your own thoughts and ideas This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we'd love to put them here on the webpage.


The Kavanagh Organising Team

Service Prefects: Keili 'Amato, Francie Auld, Shania Fox
Head Students: Jess Blyth, Josh Meikle, Lili Lam Chung, Ben O'Farrel
BOT Rep: Christina Weston
DRS: Mr MacLeod

The team is working hard encouraging people to get into the spirit and organising a few activities, especially for seniors, such as a 24 hour multi-sport event (thanks to teachers also supporting this).


A Few Reminders

  1. Please remember to get your forms back to tutor teachers by the 29th of March.
  2. The plan is for your challenge to start straight after school. But, you can set your own guidelines. 
  3. Get sponsors (remember, sponsorship doesn't have to be money. See the form for details.)
  4. Sponsor Money should be returned directly to the bursar at Kavanagh asap from the 4th onwards. THANK YOU!!!


Great Ideas of what some Kavanagh Kids and Families did last year:

  • STOP IT challenges:
    • Go without speaking for 24 hours. (Think about prisoners of conscience and oppressed peoples)
    • Don't produce any rubbish for 24 hours. (Think of the dangers of global pollution.)
    • Speak another language for 24 hours. (Think about how our world is made up of many cultures.)
    • No sitting for 24 hours. (Think about how being able to relax is a luxury for lots of people.)
    • No sugar for 24 hours. (Think about how basics for us can be luxuries for others.)
    • Stop being grumpy for 24 hours. (Think about being a person of peace.)
    • Give up using left hand. (Think of those who have had traumatic accidents or victims of torture.)
    • "Head Challenge" - no looking in the mirror, no combing/washing hair or face, no make-up, moisturiser etc. (Think about modern pressures and luxury.)
    • Wear a blindfold for 24 hours. (Experience something of what it is like to be blind, think of those with poor medical care.)
    • Give up shoes. (Think about the basics.)
    • Go without electiricity for 24 hours. (Think about infrastructure.)
  • SWEAT IT challenges:
    • Knit a peggy-square blanket with friends. Stay up late, get up early. (Think about kids working in sweat-shops)
    • Completely sort out Mum and Dad's garden. (Think about people who don't have good soil for growing food.)
    • Bake/cook for a bake sale. (Produce something for people in need.)
    • Make a bracelet for all of your family. (Showing love)
    • Volunteer at the hospital or at a retirement home. (Share the love.)
    • Organise to gather, cut and deliver firewood to specific people in need. (Share the love. Think about people in need.)
    • Making Bradelets and selling them - 24 hours.
  • LIVE IT challenges:
    • Build a temporary shelter in the lounge at home with younger brothers and sisters. Eat and sleep in it. (Think about how lucky we are to have nice, safe shelter.)
    • Stay in a tent outside, no hot food. No Electronics. (Be grateful for what we have).
    • Only eat raw food for 24 hours. (Think about ancient peoples and modern options.)
    • Only eat rice and drink water for 24 hours. (Think about the staple `diet of much of the worlds population.)
    • Eating a Solomon Island diet for 24 hours. (Do some research and think about the people for whom we are raising funds.)
  • MOVE IT challenges
    • Play Chess for 24 hours with a bunch of friends over time. Taking shifts to sleep. (Think about how important it is to use our brains to help the poor.)
    • Make a movie on how to help the poor and raise awareness of Caritas' work. Script and film it in 24 hours. (Raise awareness)
    • Organise a relay team, in a safe place with supervision, to run for 24 hours. (Think about the need to keep focussed.)
    • Keep a rowing machine going, non-stop, with a team for 24 hours. (Think about the hardship and anguish of 'boat people' seeking a safe life.)


More Information

Check out the Kavanagh information documents below. Hard copies will go to students soon, but if lost, grab a copy from here.

Check out the official Caritas sites, too:



Kavanagh Year 13's - One week before the 1st ever Caritas Challenge!