At Kavanagh, TRUTH emerges from JUSTICE and is the basis of RESPECT. It is the practice of being courageous, honest, trusting and reflective.


1. Truth requires courage

2. We show Truth to ourselves

  • Through being honest with ourselves
  • Through not hiding behind excuses or lies

3. We show Truth to each other

  • Through seeing things as they really are
  • Through constructively speaking out

4. We see Truth in our World

  • Through looking beyond ourselves

5. We create Truth in our college

  • Through being involved, owning up & speaking out

In the Gospels we hear Jesus speaking often of Truth: When he challenges the people in power; When he acknowledges the poor and suffering; When he teaches and tells stories; In his unconditional love for all people; When he shows us he is the Way the Truth and the Life; When he teaches us to pray